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Advanced Choir

Dr. Chris Fresolone, Assistant Conductor and Accompanist

The Advanced Choir is the highest level choir (typically 9th through 12th grades) at the Tucson Girls Chorus. 

Musical concepts include (but not limited to):
  • Identification and sight-singing of all intervals using all twelve pitches
  • Singing of 2-8 part music
  • Continued development of vocal technique, breath control, and effective rehearsal techniques

              • Members of the Advanced Choir assume more individual responsibilities within the Tucson Girls Chorus including:
                • Mentoring younger singers at TGC through a variety of activities, such as regularly attending and participating in the younger choir rehearsals 
                • Maintaining the TGC music library and cataloging new music as it is purchased
                • Hosting open houses for TGC
                • Representing TGC and performing at our Spring Fundraiser, "Duets and Dinner"
                • Being Ambassadors of Tucson while on concert tours.
                • Taking part of the yearly strategic planning of the Tucson Girls Chorus

2017-2018 Advanced Chorus
Photo credit Dan Williams


During one week in June 2012, the Advanced Choir spent 30 hours at Holsclaw Hall at the University of Arizona and at Casas Adobes UCC Church recording music for a CD to be released in the Fall of 2012. On this CD is a work composed specifically for the Tucson Girls Chorus by composer Frank LaRocca

Composer Frank LaRocca at the Advanced Choir Recording Project


Concert Tours
The Advanced Choir participates in tours lasting 10-20 days each year in the late spring. The choir has traveled both nationally and internationally. 
The Advanced Choir has visited 
  • 2007 Boston
  • 2008 Austria, the Czech Republic, and Germany
  • 2009 Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York City (performing at Carnegie Hall)
  • 2010 Alaska, Seattle and Vancouver CA
  • 2011 Midwest: St. Louis, Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago
  • 2012 Argentina: Buenos Aries, Mar del Plata
  • 2013 San Francisco
  • 2014 Pittsburgh, Niagara Falls, Toronto
  • 2015 China
  • 2016 New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.
  • 2017 Chicago, Minnesota
On tour, the girls assume responsibilities such as managing their own time and finances, navigating (always in groups) around unfamiliar towns and cities, and being respectful guests while staying with host families.

From the 2017 Midwest - Chicago and Minnesota tour

From the 2016 New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. tour


 The choir performed at the Sunday morning service at Shadyside Presbyterian Church GRASS!
 We did a music exchange and homestays with the Oakland Girls Choir A visit to the Andy Warhol Museum
 A visit to Carnegie Mellon University and a workshop with Robert Page We walked a few blocks around downtown Pittsburgh

 A trip on the Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls  New concert attire?



Performing at Gaudalupe Church, Buenos Aries  

At the Palermo Flower, Buenos Aries 
 At an authentic Tango show in Buenos AriesThe choir was able to ride horses at a ranch outside of Buenos Aries 

Students at the St. Hilda's School in Buenos Aries were asking members of the choir for autographs after we performed for them! We made new friends with a choir from Mar del Plata