Introducing the Caterpillars!
Early Childhood Music Program

Open to both boys and girls ages 4-5 (pre-Kindergarten)

The Caterpillars is the newest program at the Tucson Girls Chorus, aimed at girls and boys ages 4-5 (pre-Kindergarten). Led by Dr. Sylvia Munsen, participants will experience music in a child-centered environment through singing, moving, playing, and creating activities.

Rehearsals held every Wednesday from 4:00pm to 4:45pm

Classes begin September 13, 2017

Classes end November 15, 2017

Tuition assistance is available to those who qualify

Musical Concepts:

  • melody (higher and lower)
  • rhythm (faster and slower, steady beat and rhythm)
  • dynamics (louder and softer)
  • timbre (play and identify various percussion instruments)
  • form (experience same and different parts of music)
  • harmony (sing with guitar, piano, pitched percussion)
Areas of participation:  singing, moving, playing, creating, listening, and reading (icons)

Caterpillars Mission
To provide a foundation of creative expression, emotional and intellectual connection, and joyful exploration through the power of music