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Musical concepts include (but not limited to):
            • Attentiveness during rehearsal
            • Correct breath control and correct vowels
            • Correct singing and rehearsing posture
            • Matching pitches
            • Singing in one and two part musical textures
            • Introductory music reading skills
            • Introduction to solfege

Associate Conductor, Sylvia Munsen
Assistant, Hailey Butler               
Rehearsal Time: Mondays, 5:00 pm-6:00 pm

The Ladybugs is the second youngest choir (2nd and 3rd grades) at the Tucson Girls Chorus.
photo courtesy of Dan Williams kalarestudio.com

Above: The Ladybugs perform at the Duets and Dinner April 2017  photo courtesy of Dan Williams    

Above: The Ladybugs perform The Reindeer Rap at the 2010 Winter Concert  photo courtesy of Dan Williams