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TGC Summer Camp

The Tucson Girls Chorus offers a three-day camp for its singers. The Mariposa Singers, Jubilate, and Advanced Choir spend two nights at the camp, while the Ladybugs and Hummingbirds attend a half day on the second day and all day on the third day. The camp typically occurs the final weekend of July (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday).

The camp is directed and coordinated by TGC alumni; they serve as counselors and mentors to the girls attending. The TGC staff and other educators from the Tucson area provide instruction for the camp.

Campers learn new music, participate in a variety of classes, and spend time getting to know each other before the academic year begins. On Saturday evening, parents participate in a 
potluck dinner preceding a concert featuring all five choirs of Tucson Girls Chorus, plus an ensemble made of TGC alumni.

Classes include:
Music Theory
Dance and Movement
Vocal Technique