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TGC FAMILIES: How does fundraising work?

Tucson Girls Chorus families have a required amount to fulfill as part of their participation with the TGC (with the exception of Bumblebee families). It is expected all fundraising is paid in full in the fall season.

  • Bumblebees: zero fundraising required
  • Ladybugs: $150.00 per girl
  • Hummingbirds: $150.00 per girl
  • Mariposa Singers: $200.00 per girl
  • Jubilate: $225.00 per girl
  • Advanced Choir: $225.00 per girl

Types of Fundraising Projects to meet yearly fundraising requirement:

  • Greenery Due the week of October 22, 2018
  • Concert Program Advertisements Due the week of November 5, 2018

TGC Families not interested in participating in the fundraising projects can "buy out" of the requirement by paying the full amount to the TGC the first week of November 2018. 

IMPORTANT:The fundraising commitment is separate from volunteering requirement. 


Duets and Dinner is a once-a-year celebration which recognizes the success of the TGC and helps attendees gain a better understanding about the impact we create. It’s a great fundraising opportunity to network with the community, a chance to financially support our amazing program, and a forum for building long-lasting relationships with current and potential donors and supporters.

We Need TGC Families to Help!

We ask all TGC families to help get a raffle item such as gift cards, specialty items, hotel, airline, performance tickets, gift baskets, etc. Please note: Items donated to the raffle are not eligible for credit towards your yearly fundraising requirement amount. We appreciate all your donations! Help us to make this event a great success!