Responsibilities Of All Tucson Girls Chorus Families

(Financial, Fundraising, and Volunteering)

1. Yearly Financial Commitments


  1. Quarterly Tuition Due: July 1, October 1, January 1, and April 1.

  2. NEW! All TGC families must have a credit or debit card on file.

  3. Auto pay: Families can choose to have tuition automatically charged on the 1st or the 15th of the month the quarter payment is due. This includes monthly payment plans. NEW! If you are NOT on auto pay, your card on file will not be charged UNLESS you are late on your tuition payment (tuition payments are considered late after the 15th of the month).

  4. If for some reason you are dealing with unplanned financial hardship, please notify the administration to make special payment arrangements.

  5. If payment is declined, you will be notified immediately. If there is no response a $25 late fee will be charged to your account.  

  6. To auto pay other items to card on file (e.g. fundraising, tour and volunteer, polo shirts, formal attire, etc.), you must notify the Bookkeeper. Do not assume that because your card is on file it will be charged for everything related to the TGC UNLESS you give Bookkeeping verbal or written permission (including email) to do so besides tuition.

  7. Processing fees for Credit Card payments and electronic check payments will be added to each tuition payment.


  1. Tour due dates have specific monthly payment plans, TBD in the fall.

  2. Tour scholarship: Does not include the initial deposit. Scholarship applies to the rest of the payment plans.

2. Yearly Fundraising Commitments

  1. Fundraising is a requirement for all TGC families beginning with the Ladybugs Choir.

  2. Fundraising amounts vary based on the choir in which the girl sings.

  3. Yearly fundraising is due in late October/early November for all Fall enrollment families. April for Spring enrollment families only.

  4. Families can “Buy Out” from fundraising and pay the full fundraising amount to the TGC without participating in the fundraising programs.

  5. NEW! Fundraising Plan:  TGC families can now split fundraising into two payments and added to the 1st and 2nd quarter tuition if you desire not to participate in the fundraising programs offered.

  6. The fundraising commitment is separate from volunteering at fundraising events.

  7. Families cannot substitute volunteering to pay for their fundraising commitments.

  8. *Requirement is per girl not per family.

        Fundraising Amounts By Choir:

   ● Bumblebees and Engagement Choir: no fundraising required

   ● Ladybugs and Hummingbirds: $150.00 per girl ($75.00 for Spring enrollment)

   ● Mariposa Singers: $200.00 per girl ($150.00 for Spring enrollment)

   ● Jubilate: $225 per girl ($150.00 for Spring enrollment)

   ● Advanced Choir: $225.00 per girl


3. Yearly Volunteering Commitments

  1. Volunteering is a requirement for all TGC families.

  2. Families are required to volunteer for one committee for the year (minimum of 4 hours). Families are welcome to help with more than one committee.

  3. Sign up must be received by October for Fall enrollment and by April for Spring enrollment.

  4. Families can use the “Buy Out” option and pay the full volunteering amount of $75.00 without having to do any volunteering due in November for Fall enrollees and due in April for Spring enrollees families only.

  5. Families cannot substitute volunteering to pay for their fundraising commitments.

  6. *Requirement is per family not per girl.

4. Other Yearly Commitments

  1. Each girl must have a TGC grey polo shirt, the TGC provides this upon payment.

  2. Provide your daughter with the required formal performance attire in a timely manner (except for Bumblebee girls do not need a formal attire).