Hummingbirds Formal Performance Attire

Girls must wear their performance attire and black stockings with black ballet flats for formal performances, including a black cardigan sweater for formal outdoor winter performances.

**Tax and shipping not included in below pricing**




Blouse featuring a "sweetheart" neckline and bell sleeves in E-Z CARE soft performance knit. 

Allow 3 weeks for manufacturing. Company to order from is Formal Fashions.
Shipping: Allow 3 weeks for manufacturing
(4 weeks in Oct/Nov).

What to order: ROYAL BLUE blouse style #9762AA

Cost: $28.00  or 1-800-528-7909

Screenshot_2018-07-13 Style 516FAA - Pal



E-Z FIT palazzo pants with a heavy duty elastic waistband creates a perfect fit for every body. Company to order from is Formal Fashions. 

Shipping: Allow 3 weeks for manufacturing (4 weeks in Oct/Nov).

What to order: BLACK Performance Knit Pant style #516FAA

Cost: $30.00 


Pants arrive super long!

Hemming is responsibility of parent/guardian. Length needs to be 1” from floor and measured while wearing black ballet shoes.  or 1-800-528-7909



Black Ballet flats must resemble the photo to the left. Shoes can be bought at any local department stores. Shoes must be plain and simple. No Sparkles or decorations on the shoes please!



Black socks/or stockings must also be worn with the ballet flats.


SWEATER - Winter Performances


Please purchase a sweater that is similar to the one in the picture on the left at any local department store. The sweaters are worn during winter formal performances.