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Advanced Choir (Grades 9-12)

  • This ensemble is the most advanced ensemble at the Tucson Girls Chorus (typically 9th-12th grades).

  • Audition required to join. Prior experience singing in choir is required. 

  • The Advanced Choir typically performs in 10-14 concerts per year throughout Tucson, and tour nationally or internationally once per year. Tour participation is required.

Rehearsal Location/Time:

River Rd- Thursdays, 6:00pm - 8:30pm, some additional Saturday & Wednesday rehearsals

Conductor: Dr. Marcela Molina

Assistant Conductor & Accompanist: Kathryn Lieppman

Musical concepts include (but not limited to):

  • Identification and sight-singing of all intervals using all twelve pitches

  • Singing and memorization of complex repertoire

  • Continued development of vocal technique, breath control, and effective rehearsal techniques


Responsibilities- Members of the Advanced Choir assume more individual responsibilities within the Tucson Girls Chorus including:

  • Mentoring younger singers at TGC through a variety of activities, such as regularly attending and participating in the younger choir rehearsals 

  • Maintaining the TGC music library and cataloging new music as it is purchased

  • Hosting open houses for TGC

  • Representing TGC and performing at our Spring Fundraiser, Duets and Dinner

  • Being Ambassadors of Tucson while on concert tours.

How to Join:

The Advanced Choir requires an audition. Please contact us at and we'll be happy to schedule one!

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