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Clap for Classics! Early Childhood Music Program for Babies & Toddlers

An experiential program for babies and toddlers and their caretakers to experience the joy of music-making

and be introduced to basic musical concepts through singing, moving, listening, and playing together.

Enjoy guided musical play using classical music, folk songs, nursery rhymes, and original songs.


Family Pop-Up Class

Saturday, March 25th

10-10:45 am

$25 per family

(up to 2 adults and 4 children)

Best for ages 0-6, older children welcome

6-Week Program

Fridays, 10-10:45 am

April 7 - May 12

For ages 3 months- 3 years with a caregiver

$120 class fee, siblings receive 50% discount

Scholarships available

Register below for either the pop-up or 6-week class (or both!)

If you are using a mobile device please click the link at the top of the page to register

What to Expect:

  • Each class will consist of musical activities for children and their caretakers. 

  • Elements of music to experience:

    • melody (higher and lower)

    • rhythm (faster and slower, steady beat and rhythm)

    • dynamics (louder and softer)

    • timbre (play and identify various percussion instruments)

    • form (experience same and different parts of music)

    • harmony (sing with guitar, piano, pitched percussion)

  • Areas of participation:  singing, moving, playing, creating, listening, and reading (icons)

  • Objectives for babies:

    • Bonding with a caretaker by being sung to, tickle songs, etc.

    • Opportunity to engage with a variety of musical songs and sounds

    • Opportunities to develop motor skills and spatial awareness through fingerplays, movement and action songs.

    • Socializing opportunities, watching other babies and older toddlers.

    • CARETAKERS - learn new songs to sing at home with baby, enjoy great music, meet other caretakers, nurture your child’s inner musician and delight in their development.

  • Objectives for toddlers:

    • Opportunity to engage with, and respond to a variety of musical songs and sounds

    • Begin to develop a sense of steady beat

    • Explore their singing voice as they learn engaging, age appropriate songs

    • Develop motor, verbal, and other skills through a variety of playful musical activities including instrument play

    • Begin to practice following instructions, turn-taking, and other social skills

    • Socializing opportunities with other children and adults

    • CARETAKERS: bond with your toddler through musical play, enjoy great music, nurture your child’s inner musician and delight in their development, socialize with other caretakers.


TGC presents Clap for Classics Mission

To provide a foundation of creative expression, emotional and intellectual connection, and joyful exploration through the power of music.

To learn more about the original Clap for Classics curriculum, visit

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