Music Teacher Resources

TGC values music educators! We hope this webpage is a helpful resource. Please contact us if you have any other ideas for ways we can support you and your important work!


Free Accompaniment Tracks for Virtual Rehearsal

In an effort to both keep our accompanists employed and support Tucson's choir teachers during every situation, we are glad to provide a limited number of accompaniment tracks for you to use with your students at no cost to you or your program.


professional development

TGC provides FREE professional development opportunities for teachers! (Student teachers and future music educators are also welcome!)

2019-2020 offerings:

  • 5th Annual TGC/TABC Reading Session

    • Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 4:30-6:30pm @ TGC

      • Hosted in partnership with the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus

      • Start the year off with some rep ideas & fellowship with Tucson's choir teachers!

        • Features music for all voicings & levels elementary- high school​​

      • Thank you for making our 5th annual reading session a success! 2020 date coming soon!​

  • Conducting Workshop

    • Wednesday, April 22nd, 5:30-7:30 pm @ TGC

      • Dr. Molina leads a workshop for teachers/conductors of all levels.​

        • Part 1: Group masterclass with a prepared piece​

        • Part 2: Dr. Molina visits your rehearsal to work with you on your own repertoire

    • This event is still on! If we need to meet virtually due to the COVID-19 situation, we will notify those who register.​

in-school support

TGC in your classroom! Our conductors have combined expertise in all grade levels. We would love to come to you and serve you however is most helpful. Some options for support:

  • Rehearsal clinics with customizable goals (2-3 visits per year)

    • A TGC conductor visits  throughout the year to provide a clinic on your repertoire, and can emphasize specific concepts if desired.​

    • NEW! TGC can provide a rubric/written feedback at each visit and "adjudicate" your group during the clinic. The feedback collected at the beginning, middle, and end of the year can help you show measurable growth to your administrators.

  • Workshop on a specific topic- vocal technique, warm-ups, etc (1-2 visits per year)

    • A TGC conductor ​provides a workshop, with a resource sheet for you to reference as needed throughout the year​​

  • Assembly ​for a whole grade-level or whole school (Once per year)

    • ​Get the whole school singing!​ A TGC conductor will lead accessible, fun vocal exercises and partner songs/rounds to encourage all students to use their voice



TGC hosts 2 community choral festivals each year. These festivals came from a direct request from music teachers! We are thrilled to offer high-quality festival experiences for your students right here in Tucson.

  • Southern Arizona Children's Choral Festival

    • January 25th, 2020, date for 2021 coming soon!

    • partnership with Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus

    • for boys & girls in grades 3-6

    • accessible, fun music for children who love to sing

      • part tracks & PDF scores provided​

2021 Registration coming soon!

  • Young Women's Festival

    • September 14th, 2019, date for 2020 coming soon!

    • for high school singers who are motivated & desire a high-caliber festival experience

    • challenging & rewarding repertoire

      • part tracks & PDF scores provided​

2020 Registration coming soon!


advocacy resources

TGC is committed to furthering music education in our community, especially in schools. This portion of our webpage is very much a work-in-progress; advocacy is a huge issue dealing with both the perception of music ed's value and the resulting policy that effects classrooms in very real ways. We are working on ways to create impact on both fronts.

For now, please use the following links as needed to help inspire students, parents, administration, policy-makers & community members to join the call for more access to music for Tucson's students.

Why Sing? - Articles about the benefits of singing together
Arizona Music Educators Advocacy Resources
Making the Case for Your School Choir - from Chorus America
Arts Ed Advocacy & Research - from AZ Dept of Ed (super interesting research!)
Title IV-A Funding Info - (this funding is relatively new & can be used for some music programs)
NEW- State Seal of Arts Proficiency - Brand new legislation allowing students to receive an arts designation on their diploma


We all have those few "gems" that worked perfectly for our choirs. Please add them to our shared repertoire list, and use others' suggestions as you need! Together we can create a database of pieces that have been successful for other Tucson teachers.